We use the power of travel to make the world better
At the heart of Geographic, I wanted more than a standard travel company. Travel is a powerful way to learn about the world for both travelers and hosts, sharing wisdom and enriching each other lives.

In times of polycrisis: climate change, biodiversity loss, war conflicts, society polarization, and loss of indigenous languages, travel has an enormous potential to make things better. It connects people.

But that doesn't mean going on a beach resort. That means going on an expedition, getting to know the extraordinary heritage of humanity. It will be unusual, but it will be unforgettable.

This vision is the foundation of Geographic. We help local operators to design unique, impactful travel experiences that engage local communities, ensuring that up to 80% of our revenue directly supports the heritage of the place that you visit.

At the same time, these trips aim to inspire, educate and energize you – by seeing amazing places, getting to know inspiring people, and experiencing the magic of our planet.

Join us at Geographic and make your next vacation more than just a trip. Experience how your travel can have a positive impact on the world, and on your life.

Alex Farlander
Founder, Geographic
"Expedition is an organized journey for a particular purpose" – Cambridge Dictionary
Alex Farlander
Founder of Geographic
An expedition is a way to travel with a purpose:
  • to learn about the world by experiencing it,
  • contribute to places of your visit,
  • get to know people better,
  • and reconnect with your true self.
Unlike tours that just show you places, expeditions take you deeper, connecting with the place, its people, and ways of life.
Expeditions used to explore "undiscovered" lands.

We want to reclaim and reimagine expeditions to develop purposeful travel for a better world.
Looking for a great tour?
Try an expedition!
Tours are entertainment.
Expeditions are education.

Geographic is helping you to learn about the world by experiencing it.
More impressions,
less emissions
Every expedition is designed to bring a positive impact to the places of your visit and reduce the negative impact of the trip.
Travelhood family
  • Without excessive flights
    Instead of flying more, travel deeper and spend more time in places that deserve your attention. You'll love it, and create a more positive impact.
  • Powered by local businesses
    Each Expedition employs dozens of local businesses, which creates more local jobs, ensures a better life quality in remote areas, and connects you with amazing people who are so hard to find
  • Careful about spending money
    Tourism money is powerful. We ensure that your budget is spent on experiences, while administrative costs are as low as in great NGOs, and there are no unethical service providers slipped into your travel itinerary.