Split costs and carbon footprints, venture to new places, connect with people, and create a bigger positive impact

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See the future by connecting with its roots
Epic Quechua celebration
in the Andes, Peru
Gathering of
Connect with regenerative thinkers and doers in Portugal
Celebrate life in Mexico
Connect with the ocean in Baja California
Peru, June
Go up to the mountains of Peru to participate in traditional and spectacular festival of Qoylluriti.
Estonia, June-August
Join Geographic trips to Estonia during summer to celebrate rural life and the European Capital of Culture
Portugal, September 11-16
Connect with the regenerative people and talk about the future of travel, business, and the world
Mexico, October-November
Join us in Mexico for epic and spectacular celebrations of the Day (and the Night) of the Dead in Oaxaca and Patzcuaro
Mexico, January-February
Spend a week with whales and marine adventures during the Geographic Ocean Camp
Inspiring Group trips
Go to places you wouldn't reach alone
Joining a group opens new experiences that are hard to find, expensive, or simply not open for individual visitors.
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Find great friends
You certainly know that "your network is your net worth" – going on a purposeful trip is probably the best way to nurture meaningful connections without sales pitches.
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Split costs and amplify impressions
Group trips have an interesting effect: while you pay less by simply splitting costs, you also feel more because shared experiences feel more powerful. Spend less, feel more.
Find trips with best quality-price ratio
Create a bigger positive impact
Combine the positive impact of your trip in synergy with others
Travel with positive impact
Feel safe
Travel in a group just feels more safe, even when you are on a real adventure!
Adventure mindfully
100+ inspiring travel plans
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