Epic Quechua celebration in the Andes, Peru
Dive into the culture of the Andes, and hike with thousands of pilgrims during the annual celebration of Quylluriti, a wild and colorful festival high in the mountains of Peru.
June 2024, from $6500, private trips only
When: June 2024
Cost: starting from $6500
Suggested trip length: 9+ days
Travel style: Expedition
Rating: Challenging
Minimal age: 18+
Group: private trip only
This is not a yet-another-trip to Machu Picchu.

This is one of the most challenging celebrations in the world, where foreigners are only partially allowed.

Together with a few thousand indigenous pilgrims, you'll hike the valley of Ausungate to celebrate an annual Quyllurit'i, a raw and exciting festival with roots going back to the pre-Inka times.

It's not gonna be easy. Even though you will be in tropical latitudes, you'll get up to 5000 meters above sea level during the coldest months of the year. Some snow shouldn't be a surprise.

There'll be no fancy glampings, just a good durable expedition tent, a warm sleeping bag, and warm clothes. And a lot of noise!

You'll have a Quechua-English guide and interpreter, your access to the event that is rarely visited by anyone non-Quechua.

You may love it and may hate it, but that will be one of your least forgettable trips ever.
Amazing for:
Mountain lovers
Culture explorers
Expedition details

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