Get to know the future by connecting with its roots
Travel beyond Tallinn to connect with nature, culture, and heritage of Estonia to see things that really matter in 21st century
Summer 2024
When: summer 2024
Cost: starting from €2500
Suggested trip length: 4-14 days
Travel style: Rural
Rating: Easy to Moderate
Minimal age: 7+
Group: ask us for travel companions
The world needs more countries like Estonia.

Estonia is both the future and the past.
It is a county with the highest rate of unicorns per capita.
Birthplace of Skype.

At the same time, 50% of Estonia is covered by forests.
There are 500 manor houses, 2000 islands, and amazing indigenous cultures with old traditions, beautiful languages, and authentic ways of life.

Most people have never heard of Estonia, while it's a great place to visit.
Especially in 2024, when Southern Estonia is the European Capital of Culture.

To celebrate that, we created travel plans that take you beyond Tallinn to beautiful Estonian countryside, known as "maa", or land. Lahemaa, Saaremaa, Soomaa, and many other beautiful lands welcome you year-round.

Get to know Estonian, Võro, and Seto cultures, learn how to pronounce õ, connect with nature, and discover your new favorite place to visit in Europe.

Amazing for:
Nature lovers
Slow travel
Less-known places
Historic sites
Cultural experiences
Entrepreneurs & leaders
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