Travel to the past and the future
Expedition Estonia
Travel to the past and the future
Expedition Estonia
Join Geographic in a once-in-a-lifetime trip to a small nation on the edge of European Union. Estonia was home to vikings and a part of four empires, caught a couple of big meteorites, and today known for its future-thinking combined with nature-loving.
It's unlikely that you'll go on this trip twice
Experience time and space
Sail 100-years-old
historic schooner
Listen to nature sounds through a giant megaphone
Feast in 400-years-old medieval restaurant
Bring offerings to the ancient god of Finno-Ugric peoples
Spend a night in a medieval castle
Ride an underground train
Most of the people come to Estonia just to see Tallinn and move on. And it's great, because there are so many less-known and amazing places all over the country that we'd like to share with you, off-the-beaten-path explorer.

Hi, this is Alex, and today I'd like to invite you to Estonia.

Estonia is awesome, but not many people know it.
  • 50% of the country is covered with forests.
  • There are 500 castles and manor houses all around the country.
  • Estonia is a birthplace of Skype and has one of the most advanced e-governments in the world.
  • Estonians are queuing to vegan fairs and know a lot about good and healthy food.
  • There are two existing kingdoms in Estonia that even most Estonians never heard of.

When we were preparing this trip, we chose 600 places that are worth visiting out of 6000 places that Visit Estonia has in their database. Out of these 600 places, we chose 60 into one ultimate, once-in-a-lifetime Expedition Estonia.

To visit them all, you'll need 16 days. If you have less time, we can craft a shorter program. But I think that Estonia deserves 16 days of your time. After all, I've been here for almost 15 years, and still love every moment of it.

I'm sure Estonia will surprise you.
From the Trip designer
Alex Farlander
Chief Experience Officer // Geographic
Recommended route:
Tallinn – the capital of Estonia, one of the most beautiful historic towns, artistic districts, and Baltic sea promenade
Narva – one of the most interesting border towns in the world, with two big fortresses facing each other
Tartu – cute and historic university city, the European Capital of Culture 2024
(with Southern Estonia)
Aegviidu – meet Nature by going on walks, bike rides, and connecting with nature people
Rakvere – a historic town with an epic castle, and a gateway to Lahemaa national park
Lahemaa – a flagship Estonian national park with forests, bogs, manor houses, lighthouses, fishing villages, USSR military bases, and unique characters
Lake Peipus and Onion Route – authentic culture of Old Believers and Lake people
Setomaa – a historic region on the border of Estonia and Russia, with its own language, colourful traditions, and a king
Viljandi & Mulgimaa – cute little towns of Southern Estonia, former home to crusaders and a gateway to Soomaa
Soomaa – wild land of bogs, rivers, epic floods, and UNESCO-recognized boatbuilder tradition
Saaremaa – former home to vikings, romantic lighthouses, cute windmills, good-looking castle, a meteorite crater, and a small but great kingdom
Hiiumaa – a smaller island with calmer beaches, wilder forests, a 500-years-old lighthouse, and a wooden DIY Eiffel Tower
Rummu – water park in a post-apocalyptic landscape
Paldiski – former military town of Soviet navy (as close as you can get to the real face of USSR), an iconic lighthouse, and the Baltic Klint
Just a pretty picture with the lighthouse:)
Võromaa also has its own language and traditions, as well as some epic nature sights like nest-shaped watchtower and forest megaphones
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Kinhu – a small and inspiring island of "Europe's last surviving matriarchy" and living traditions
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Travel plan
Day 1.
Whenever you arrive to Tallinn, you'll be met at the airport or the ferry terminal by Geographic representative, introduced to the city and your travel progam, and transferred to the hotel.

After checking in, jump on a kick-scooter (or an electric one) and ride around the Old Town to get to know Tallinn a bit better.

For dinner, visit a historic restaurant with a special menu and a tasting program.
  1. Introduction to the Old Town
  2. Ride a kick-scooter around the city walls
  3. Feast in 400-years-old restaurant
Accommodation: we will offer you a few hand-picked options depending on the budget and preferences
Arrival to Tallinn
Some pictures of what's waiting for you
Day 2.
Time to explore! Today you'll go to some of the most amazing places in the Old and New towns of Tallinn, from viewing towers over the historical center to the emperor's park of Kadriorg, and then to artistic and business districts.

Busy day will be over with a rooftop dinner with a great view.
  1. Go up to the towers of the Old Town
  2. Walk down to the underground bastions
  3. Ride a bike along the coast
  4. Visit the artistic districts and the New Tallinn
  5. Enjoy a rooftop dinner with a view
Get to know Tallinn
Interested to know more?

Get a full travel plan, customized to your interests, budget, and dates
It is a private trip for individuals, couples, families, groups of friends.
If you look for joining a group expedition, join the waitlist

Recommended season: May-October. Feel free to ask us about season specials and winter trips.

Amazing for:
Off-the-beaten-path travelers
Nature lovers
Culture explorers

Dates, Prices, and other details
Suggested trip length: 10-16 days
Suggested trip cost: €6500-9500
Travel style: Expedition
Rating: Light Adventures
Minimal age: 10+ (let us know if you look for a program with smaller kids)
Are you ready to go on a once-in-a-lifetime expedition to Estonia?
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