Altai Expedition

Mongolia, China, Russia, Kazakhstan
Discover the Altai mountains, the sacred land in the middle of Eurasia, home to the eagle hunters, snow leopards, and ancient nomads

Recommended trip duration: 8-16 days
Budget from $3200 per person

Country: Mongolia

Country: China

Country: Kazakhstan

Difficulty Class: Moderate

Travel Style: Adventure Honeymoon

Travel Style: Epic Celebrations

Travel Style: Epic Walks

Travel Style: Family Adventure

Travel Style: Iconic Sight

Travel Style: Photography

Travel Style: Road Trip

Travel Style: Time Travel

Travel Style: Wild Life

Scenery: Mountains

Scenery: National Park

Scenery: Lake

Scenery: River

Activities: Walking

Activities: Hiking

Activities: Driving

Activities: Festivals

Activities: Biking

Activities: Cooking & Eating

Activities: Horseback Riding

Activities: Camel Riding

Activities: Photography

Activities: Stargazing

Activities: Whitewater Rafting

Activities: Wildlife watching