Southern Peru Epic Road Trip

Go on a cultural, anthropological, and culinary journey around Southern Peru, starting from the Pacific coast, visiting deserts, canyons, volcanoes, mountain lakes, Inka roads, and many other amazing places, to arrive at the Amazon basin and Machu Picchu at the end of this epic road trip

Recommended trip duration: 10-18 days
Budget from $4800 per person

Country: Peru

Difficulty Class: Moderate

Travel Style: Road Trip

Travel Style: Time Travel

Travel Style: City Expedition

Travel Style: Iconic Sight

Activities: Driving

Activities: Indigenous Learning

Activities: Photography

Activities: Walking

Activities: Wildlife watching

Activities: Stargazing

Activities: Cooking & Eating

Scenery: Ocean

Scenery: Desert

Scenery: Mountains

Scenery: Canyon

Scenery: City

Scenery: Lake

Scenery: Ancient City