Tierra Del Fuego Road Trip

Argentina, Chile
Drive, hike, and sail one of the most remote corners of the Americas: Tierra Del Fuego, the end of the world for humans, and the beginning of the world for penguins. Mountains, lakes, and fresh air – a great escape from the noise of the big world.

Recommended trip duration: 4-7 days
Budget from $2800 per person

Country: Argentina

Country: Chile

Difficulty Class: Easy

Travel Style: City Expedition

Travel Style: Road Trip

Travel Style: Family Adventure

Travel Style: Photography

Scenery: Mountains

Scenery: Glaciers

Scenery: Ocean

Scenery: National Park

Scenery: Forest

Activities: Driving

Activities: Yachting

Activities: Walking

Activities: Photography

Activities: Wildlife watching

Activities: Cooking & Eating