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get to know the most amazing places in the world, connect with great people, and travel with a purpose.
Nature & Science camp in Durango, Mexico
Learn about nature, science, and indigenous cultures of the Desert, see majestic canyons, go stargazing, and watch a total solar eclipse as the headliner of this show
Registration is closed
April 2024
Epic Quechua celebration in the Andes, Peru
Dive into the culture of the Andes, and hike with thousands of pilgrims during the annual celebration of Quylluriti, a wild and colorful festival far in the winter mountains of Peru.
June 2024
Get to know the future by connecting with its roots
Travel beyond Tallinn to connect with nature, culture, and heritage of Estonia to see things that really matter in 21st century
June 2024
Connect with regenerative thinkers and doers in Portugal
Spend a week on a great gathering, learning about regenerative business, travel, and the way of life
September 2024
Patzcuaro & Oaxaca, Mexico
Visit some of the most authentic corners of Mexico, meet artists and visit their workshops, see the heritage of the first man-made utopia, and celebrate life during the Night of the Dead
October – November 2024
Whale watching & marine life in Baja California, Mexico
Spend a week in one of the most amazing marine sights: the whale kindergarten of Baja California. Boat rides, kayaking, snorkeling, camping on the beach, and other adventures!
January – February 2025
Why expeditions?
"Expedition is an organized journey for a particular purpose" – Cambridge Dictionary
Alex Farlander
Founder of Geographic
An expedition is a way to travel with a purpose:
  • to learn about the world by experiencing it,
  • contribute to places of your visit,
  • get to know people better,
  • and reconnect with your true self.
Unlike tours that just show you places, expeditions take you deeper, connecting with the place, its people, and ways of life.
Expeditions used to explore "undiscovered" lands.

We want to reclaim, reimagine, and decolonize expeditions to develop purposeful travel for a better world
Reimagine travel for 21 century & beyond
Private expeditions
If you want your own Expedition plan, we have a variety of options – from slow travel solo to short but eventful expeditions for working teams. Just send us a message and start planning your first Expedition.
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Solo expeditions
Travel plans to reconnect with yourself
Special time to spend with your best half
Family expeditions
Memorable travel experiences together
Friends expeditions
Meaningful time with your best people
Team expeditions
Get together and nurture connections and culture
Custom expeditions
Tailor-made travel plans for every occasion
Where would you like to go?
Locals everywhere
We've got the top experts in magical places
Yucatan, Sian Ka'an and Belize Reef, Mexico & Belize
Baja California, Mexico
Sierra Madre & Volcanic Belt, Mexico
Mayaland, Guatemala
Nazca, Altiplano & Amazon, Peru
Atacama, Chile
Altiplano, Uyuni, and Amazon, Bolivia
Iguazu and Misiones, Argentina & Brazil
Patagonia, Argentina & Chile
Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
Atlantic Forests & Rota Verde Azul, Brazil
Roraima, Venezuela & Brazil
Cape Region & Garden Route, South Africa
Drakensberg, South Africa & Lesotho
Kalahari & Namib, Namibia
Mosi-oa-Tunya / Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe & Zambia
Okavango & Makgadikgadi – Botswana
Rapa Nui / Easter Island, Chile
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Kruger & Limpopo – South Africa
Pantanal, Brazil
Lakes Ounianga & the Tibesti mountains – Chad
Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Masai Mara, Ngorongoro – Kenya & Tanzania
Omo Valley – Ethiopia
Arabian Desert – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman
Cappadocia – Turkey
The Alps – France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany
Petra & Wadi Rum – Jordan
The Tien Shan Mountains – Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan
The Great Silk Way – Uzbekistan
Mangystau – Kazakhstan
The Pamir Mountains – Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan
The Altai Mountains – Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, China
Lake Baikal – Russia
The Gobi Desert – Mongolia & China
Lahemaa, Soomaa, Saaremaa – Estonia
Cape North, Lofoten, Vesterålen – Norway
Svalbard – Norway
Geiranger, Nærøy & Southern Fjords – Norway
Kamchatka – Russia
Yamal Peninsula – Russia
Sakha / Yakutia – Russia
Tibet – China
Taklamakan Desert – China
The Himalayas – Nepal, India, China
Karakoram – Pakistan & China
Baliem, New Guinea – Indonesia
Sulawesi, Tana Toraja – Indonesia
Uluru & Kata Tjuta – Australia
Great Barrier Reef – Australia
Tasmania – Australia
Te Wahipounamu / Fiordland – New Zealand
Tongariro & Geyserland – New Zealand
Sichuan – China
Xian – China
45 countries in our Expedition portfolio: get to know amazing people and places around the world, guided by insiders, and curated by top expedition experts
Your new favorite places
Discover the most amazing places in the world, connect with its people, and find your new favorite corners on the planet
You'll love its connection with nature and technology: Estonia is the future, even though it looks like old castles and forests
Mexico has been underdeveloped for so long because of its mountainous terrain, but now it's one of the fastest-developing countries in the world, that still keeps its unique way of life
There's no Everest or Machu Picchu in South Africa, but it's one of the best countries to visit – you just need to know where to go
Mongolia is unique – you can point your finger anywhere on the map, go there, and have a great time in that place. People will be happy to see you, and their way of living will be so different!
Argentina is more than Buenos Aires, tango and beef – it's also Patagonia, the Andes, Iguazu selva, and pastoral living
Peru is more than just Machu Picchu. Peru is the country of celebrations – they have amazing local festivals nearly every week, with epic events a few times a year. Also, the heritage of the Inkas (and pre-Inkas) is more than alive in Peru.
Namib means "vast" and "empty", but it's not boring – it's wild, beautiful, and welcoming. No wonder so many BBC and NatGeo documentaries are filmed there.
Spectacular drives, beautiful hikes, amazing people: each island of New Zealand deserves its own expedition
in style
Pick one or a few travel styles in your Expedition: celebrate with locals, bike through national parks, or spend time with your loved ones: we've got a number of purposeful adventures in every destination
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1000s of positive-impact travel plans to 45+ countries
More Impressions,
Less emissions
Every expedition is designed to bring a positive impact to the places of your visit and reduce the negative impact of the trip.
  • Without excessive flights
    Instead of flying more, travel deeper and spend more time in places that deserve your attention. You'll love it, and create a more positive impact.
  • Powered by local businesses
    Each Expedition employs dozens of local businesses, which creates more local jobs, ensures a better life quality in remote areas, and connects you with amazing people who are so hard to find
  • Careful about spending money
    Tourism money is powerful. We ensure that your budget is spent on experiences, while administrative costs are as low as in great NGOs, and there are no unethical service providers slipped into your travel itinerary.
Do you hear the call of the wild?
Then, let's plan your first expedition! Start with an introduction call with an expedition expert to find a good idea for your next adventure
Meet like-minded people. Get to know your planet. Make it better.
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